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Kelly Maloney

Katie Bell

Robert Kirby (Entrepreneur )



Maria P.

Karen S.

  • I’m constantly on the road playing around 200 shows per year. There’s been times when I’ve been completely road fried and working with Ani helps me stay focused, keep the bigger picture in mind and perform at the top of my game. Working with her on Skype works so well as I’m living on a tour bus for long lengths of time. The sessions have been crucial in enabling me to do my part in creating the force that is LONGREEF and keeping us on track to be in this game for the long term.

    Nick Miller
    Nick Miller Touring Musician - Longreef
  • My first session was amazing. I went in with few expectations and came out feeling like I’d gained a much better understanding of myself. Kinesiology is more than just helping you cope – it unlocks knowledge that your mind and body already knows. My sessions have made me more gentle as a person, thus improving my relationships with my husband and children. I also sent my daughter for a few sessions and there was a marked improvement in her ability to cope with stressful situations.

    Paola Hatton Mum of Two
  • So many things have happened since I began kinesiology. (I am up to about my 4th visit.) What stands out most is that Ani told me that I did not know how to react in situations. She was right. I do not and have never really known. She said that after treatment that day, that I would begun to know, that it would be instinctual. How right she has been! I find over and over again that I am now responding from the heart, from instinct. Furthermore, I am seeing, so often, that this response has been right for the situation – it is different to other people’s but I am different. I no longer agonise over what I have said and done! Amazing! And I don’t worry about being different either! Also amazing! I now am not responding from my head but from my heart. And it feels good! 

    Lyn Pinson Account Manager
  • You do amazing work Angela inside and outside of Kinesiology. Your sessions always leave me with the awareness that my pain and experience profoundly motivates and inspires you to look deeply at your own life experiences, you seem to know innately we all share similar feelings with different stories. It’s that deep compassion, awareness and honesty that makes what you do so unique and effective.

    Danielle Silva
    Danielle Silva
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