Catherine Frith

    From the age of 21, she became interested in the healing modalities and started experiencing different treatments for herself, for various issues that she had at the time.

    There were two outstanding fields that would have an impression on Catherine and would last her entire lifetime; Kinesiology and Deep Tissue Massage therapy.

    Catherine has studied under the masters of Sports and Remedial Massage such as the late Dr Myk Hungerford, PH.D., LCSP, P.T (therapist at the White House under and personal body therapist for Jimmy Carter, author sports medicine) and Jeff Murry (Director of Sports massage for the Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympics Games, also massage coordinator with NSWIS).

    Since beginning Catherine’s journey in 1993 as a professional remedial massage therapist, she has specialized in Kinesiology, Deep Tissue Fascial release, Structural Body Assessment, Onsen Technique, Facial Release and Flower Essences Therapy.

    Her experiences and passions, led to the combination of the two most effective modalities that she had experienced which are Kinesiology and body work. This led Catherine to the development of a unique specialized, comprehensive treatment program that has proven itself over time with its success and amazing rapid results.

    Catherine keeps her knowledge and techniques ever expanding and at the cutting edge of mind body medicine therapies. She believes life is a university and applies her experience, wisdom and knowledge to facilitate for the best possible outcomes her clients

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