Ann Brita Nilsson

    Ann’s background in the corporate world as an account manager in media means she is no stranger to the effect that stress can have on our fast-paced lives. The balancing act of doing things you love and are passionate about, as well as taking time to nurture your spirit is what sent her on a journey of self-discovery
    through meditation and kinesiology.

    She incorporates Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) with kinesiology and hypnotherapy to deliver results that really cut through all the stories. Our choice of words has the power to send messages to our minds and greatly influence the kind of life we experience. She invites you to move from a life of cause to one of

    Ann says “ When people find the right coach who resonates with them, they blast through their own barriers to find their own way and get reconnected to their integrity to bring it all into the real world. To know is not enough. It’s when we are moved to take action that it translates into results. When people find their spark and run with it, it really inspires and empowers us to do the same”


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