Anikiko (Ani Neradilkova)

    Who is Anikiko?

    What’s inspiring to Ani? “I strive to live life as an inspiring woman who makes a difference in my community with insights, voice and music, assisting others to live a passionate life and helping people transform their greatest hurdles so they can feel deep joy and fulfillment.”

    Ani’s vision is to see everybody in the world raising their state of “aliveness” and “beingness”, benefiting from the power of kinesiology, vibrational medicine and has recently created programs that educate, inspire, transform and celebrate change in people, teaching them to be their own ‘best medicine’.

    With Clients in Europe, LA – USA and Australia, Ani is a leading Sydney and worldwide kinesiologist, whose directive power and certainty effortlessly navigates clients to reach their goals. It is her attitude and ever expanding desire to support peoples’ wellbeing that has enabled Ani’s powerful voice to access healing at a deeper level. She combines the wisdom from kinesiology and music success.

    Founder, Ani brings about transformation by getting to the heart of the matter and supports clients to live from the heart to create long term change. As a musician and singer she also uses the foundations of psychology, kinesiology and breath to provide a flexible and accessible database of skills. These skills find a priority solution to help clients get back on track.

    Ani Neradilkova creates an environment in which people can recognize the tipping point for their own transformation in order to achieve desired outcomes. Her sessions and courses bridge the gap between understanding why we feel what we feel, actually allowing ourselves to feel it and through this stepping onto the road of results.

    Ani Neradilkova has an empowered and expanded innate intuitive ability to unleash the core essence of the limitations that many people avoid.

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