Angela Sciberras

    Advanced Kinesiologist Angela Sciberras (BA.Mus.Hons Ethnomusicology) has been on the path to the discovery of what it takes to empower human beings for most of her life, assisting her clients to get to the core of what it is that they are dealing with, and why it may be preventing them from living a life they love, and living it powerfully.

    As a clinician, therapeutic musician, workshop facilitator and published author Angela combines her background as an artist and the age-old philosophy of the mystic, with the latest and most up to date Neuro-Training techniques to assist clients to overcome personal blocks to success in all areas of life including business, family, health, wealth, and creativity.
    Angela is a qualified Neuro-Training and Neuro-Linguistic Kinesiologist who has been working with clients for over 10 years to empower and unleash their creative potential to achieve personal transformation, reveal and overcome personal blocks to achieving success and improve their vital health.

    Angela is also a qualified Clinical Therapeutic Harpist with over 10 years experience with thousands of clients specialising in using music to relieve pain and anxiety and bring relaxation and peace in environments such as Palliative and Oncology Care. Considering this, Angela is excited to have access to the Music Nutrition and its immense benefits for clients.


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