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‘We all have the capacity to live in joy, passionately, courageously and fearlessly’

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Ani Neradilkova

Ani is a leading Sydney and Worldwide kinesiologist.  Her directive power and certainly effortlessly navigates clients to reach their goals.

kinesiologist Ann

Ann Brita Nilsson

Ann says “ When people find the right coach who resonates with them, they blast through their own barriers to find their own way and get reconnected to their integrity to bring it all into the real world. To know is not enough. It’s when we are moved to take action that it translates into results. When people find their spark and run with it, it really inspires and empowers us to do the same”


Angela Sciberras

Advanced Kinesiologist Angela Sciberras (BA.Mus.Hons Ethnomusicology) has been on the path to the discovery of what it takes to empower human beings for most of her life, assisting her clients to get to the core of what it is that they are dealing with, and why it may be preventing them from living a life they love, and living it powerfully.

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Sally-Anne is an Integrative Nutritionist, who supports individuals to gain the confidence to be their own leader in their life, and gain the confidence to make the best choices for their body and daily performance. Each client and each human body is different, Sally-Anne fully embraces bio-individuality, to maximise energy, whilst encouraging fundamentals in nutrition at the same time.


Elizabeth Carabetta

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